Cooking a Meal Together

One of the joys of dating is learning about each other. Cooking a meal together can certainly shed new light on a person's personality. Cooking together is an enjoyable way to share a meal. It all starts with the choice of cuisine. A timid couple might cook local dishes that are easy and familiar. Those that are bold will choose a cuisine they have never tried to cook before. Learning how to make the dishes properly is a challenge to tackle as a couple.

Chinese food is an excellent way to face a cooking challenge as partners. It requires many fresh ingredients as well as those that are not commonly found in many homes outside of China. Shopping will become a treasure hunt for the more exotic spices, sauces and fresh ingredients. Consider it a part of the challenge and see who comes up with the most ingredients on the list.

Many Chinese dishes have lots of fresh vegetables in them. These are chopped or diced and cooked quickly with a little bit of oil. Spices are added near the end of the cooking process so they are bright and noticeable in the finished dishes. Meat is cooked the same as the vegetables and often kept warm by tossing in back in after the vegetables are cooked and ready. Fried rice requires patience as it must cool at least 2 hours before being fried.

Preparation is an important step in cooking any meal. Organizing ingredients, chopping vegetables and concocting the sauces are all part of cooking good Chinese food. Dividing preparation chores between partners will be a delight, especially when a partner has no clue how to do their work. This is a fun way to learn about each others' skills and abilities in the kitchen. It is also a time to learn good partner communication skills.