Traditional Chinese Tea

Tea originated in China, so it has a long history in China. Chinese Tea refers to a method of creating the tea. In Chinese Tea, there are so many different types that come from just a few distinct varieties including: White, Green Oolong, Black, and post-fermented.

The main way the Teas are differentiated is a result of the processing of the Teas. The Green and White Teas are heat -treated, while the Oolong is partially oxidized, and the Black and Red are fully oxidized.

There are different medicinal uses for distinct Tea varieties. They are used to treat every problem a human body or mind could have, from headache to sore toe. There is a Tea for everything, medicinally speaking. So, distinct varieties have emerged as popular ones because they are used as remedies for specific ailments, and they truly can really help heal.

The main tea that Chinese people drink is green tea. However, all varieties of the tea, which are in the hundreds, are consumed in China. Chinese tea is also consumed all over the world. At least seven hundred different varieties of Chinese Tea exist. This is a result of the different types of tea leaves, combined with the wide variety of methods of processing.

There are also Tea Blends that exist. So if you have a few different areas or ailments that you would like to treat, you can combine tea leaves to make a blend. This works in many cases to increase the effectiveness of the tea as a remedy for ailments that may sometimes be related.

Chinese tea has been used for centuries, and it will be used for many more. It is said that in China, Tea is one of the seven necessities of life. Chinese would not say that without a reason.

Video by Efraín Suárez demonstrating a chinese tea ceremony: